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LearnEnglish is for adult learners who want to improve their English language skills online. All the learning materials on LearnEnglish are free of charge. You don't need to have a LearnEnglish account to access them.

There are different types of texts, audio recordings and videos. All the activities have interactive exercises to support your learning and check your understanding.

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Sign up for a free LearnEnglish account and get our monthly newsletter and access to our free online English level test which gives you an approximate indication of your level. 

With a free LearnEnglish account you can take part in all the activities in our Learning hub, write comments on the site and give ratings to content.

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Find out your English level

You can take our online level test to get an approximate indication of your English proficiency level.

You can use the test result to help you find resources on our website that are appropriate for your English language ability.

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Find materials for your English level

The learning materials in the different sections on LearnEnglish are organised by English level based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).

You can explore the different sections of the site to find materials that are suitable for your English level.

Each section gives an indication of the level the learning materials are suitable for. There is also an indication of English level on individual resources.

You can also use the Find resources for your level page to find content by language level, by section of the site or by topics that interest you.

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Activate your English in the Learning hub

With a free LearnEnglish account you can take part in all the activities in our Learning hub. You can practise your English skills by writing comments, recording yourself speaking and sharing photos.

You will improve your language level by activating the English you know and interacting with other learners by reading, listening to and replying to their contributions.

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Try to study English every day

Whether you have ten minutes or an hour to practise your English, you'll find a wide variety of learning materials to help you make progress and improve your language skills.

All the activities on the LearnEnglish website are designed for self-study to support your learning, with interactive exercises and worksheets.

Practising little and often is the best way to improve your English, so come back regularly to see what's new on the site.

Use suitable resources to meet your learning goals

Explore the different sections of the site to find resources to help improve your English.


Improving your skills will help you use English more effectively so that you can do well in your studies, get ahead at work and confidently communicate in English in your free time.

  • Practise and improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Learning materials organised by language level (CEFR A1–C1)
  • Variety of types of texts, recordings and videos

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English Grammar

By revising and practising your grammar, you will increase your accuracy and confidence in English and improve your overall language level.

  • Clear and simple grammar lessons
  • Check your understanding and practise using English grammar
  • A grammar reference helps to explain the verb tenses and grammar rules

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Learning new words helps you to increase your understanding and express yourself clearly in English.

  • Learn new words at your level
  • Vocabulary organised by topic
  • Practise spelling and using the new words in a variety of contexts

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Business English

Studying business English allows you to develop English language skills that are useful in many working environments. 

  • Wide variety of activities to develop your interview skills, write clear emails in English and learn about up-to-date business topics and issues
  • Specially designed tasks to help you understand the topic and use the language skills that you have learned

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General English

Improving your knowledge of everyday English helps give you the confidence you need for socialising with friends and colleagues.

  • Wide range of reading, listening and language practice activities
  • Short, interesting articles for you to read about special days and global issues
  • YouTube videos about a wide range of topics, with learning materials to improve your comprehension and check your understanding

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