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Take part in the activities and practise your English skills by writing comments, recording yourself speaking and sharing photos with descriptions. You'll improve your language level by activating the English you know. You'll also learn by reading, listening to and replying to the contributions of other learners. 

Current topics are facilitated, which means the LearnEnglish team educators will also be taking part and sharing their own thoughts, ideas and experiences.

New learning materials will be published regularly, so come back often to see what's new.

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Celebrate women worldwide with us here in our International Women’s Day topic!

Learn about Lunar New Year and tell us about traditions where you live.

Are you in a romantic mood? Because love is in the air! This topic is all about Valentine's Day on 14 February, a traditional celebration of romantic love.

What's important for you in a friendship? When and how did you meet your best friends? In this topic we're talking about friends.